Maura Braun - Interior Designer

The essence of the design practice for Maura Braun Interior Design is simple: We strive to make the Client’s home an infinitely more beautiful place for them to live, and an infinitely more easy place to live in as well. In tandem, these two essentials — beauty and ease — allow life’s wonderful moments to unfold perfectly, and in ways they’ll not only cherish when they look back, but also fully enjoy while they’re happening.We design homes that let the Client relax during hectic periods while savoring the calm of quieter times. Entertaining friends, enjoying the comfort of a holiday meal, cozying up in front of a fireplace—we believe our homes are our sanctuaries and we design with that idea in the forefront of our mind.

Here’s a recent Client testimonial:

I am still in awe of my lovely, comfy home that I am enjoying so much. It is the product of your creativity, ingenuity and very hard work. And one of the best parts is that we had such fun doing it together!