Kitchen Interior Design

The essence of my design practice is simple: I strive to make your home an infinitely more beautiful place for you to live, and an infinitely more easy place in which to live, as well. In tandem, these two essentials—beauty and ease—allow life’s wonderful moments to unfold perfectly, and in ways you’ll not only cherish when you look back, but also fully enjoy while they’re happening.

We design homes that let you relax during hectic periods while savoring the calm of quieter times. Entertaining friends, enjoying the comfort of a holiday meal, cozying up in front of a fireplace—we believe our homes are our sanctuaries and we design with that idea in the forefront of our minds.

The surroundings we create are warm and welcoming, and we achieve this by bringing nature into the design of all our interiors. Color provides a warm base with which we blend all other materials. Selection of materials is focused on those that are created in nature, and bring about a textural experience unique only to your home. Together, color and materials provide the warmth and ease of living that we strive to provide for each client.

“I design irresistibly comfortable and comforting homes, all while providing supremely livable and touchable interiors.”


-Maura Braun