Design Guide eBook:

Guidelines for accessorizing a room:

  • group objects in a count of 3
  • each of the 3 objects are a different height
  • all of the objects should have a similar width
  • use weighted objects
  • many more tips can be found inside our new Design Guide eBook

If you’ve been thinking about hiring an Interior Design, then I have the perfect Design Guide for you!

In this guide I share 5 key points for preparing to hire an Interior Designer. Plus, you’ll learn about:

  • surviving a remodel project
  • working within your budget
  • what should be included in the Letter of Agreement

You’ll be prepared for the process of hiring an Interior Designer.

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to plan a room?

  • tips for starting out a project
  • what to look for to make your project come together

We’ll send you our Fabric Selection Guide to help you get started with your project!

Want to improve your cabinet hardware? We’ll help you:

  • determine what style of cabinet hardware works best for your Kitchen or Bathroom
  • how to measure for your existing cabinetry hardware

Artistic knob

glitz & glamour knob

We’ll send you our hardware
selection guide to help give your
cabinetry a whole new look!


Create A Designer Look in Your Home by Hanging Artwork Like a Pro

…so that your home will be a true reflection of your creative spirit

Our guide will show you:

  • how high above furniture to hang artwork
  • the exact measurements for hanging a single piece of artwork or multiple groupings of artwork
  • that 3 dimensional objects also make great wall art

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