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– J. & H. H., Chicago, IL

Maura has a great combination of design creativity, practicality, and attention to detail. Her design ideas well reflected our vision and she was flexible and open to change if needed. She was thoughtful about balancing design, quality and budget so as not to sacrifice overall quality but to remain in budget. And she was detail oriented (anticipating potential bottlenecks) and direct with service providers to make sure they completed as promised.
– J. & H. H., Chicago, IL

How often can one say that he/she enjoyed doing a renovation! I can!
Working with Maura made this usually challenging process both interesting and actually fun. She demonstrated immediately that she understood my taste and what I desired as a finished product. She had an impressive group of experts with whom she has worked over the years, whose talents she sought out for custom built-ins and other project requirements. Her professionalism was evident to me, and I could see the respect that she received from the people with whom she interacted in order to complete my renovation. The project proceeded smoothly, on time, within budget. Maura made herself available to address questions or concerns that I may have had. The completed project is lovely, and I am enjoying living and entertaining there immensely. I recommend Maura highly and with no reservation. (for photos, see Millennium Park)
– L. W., Chicago, IL

Maura did a excellent job in our home. She has helped us with various interior design elements in our home. She has always found what we needed, done so in a timely manner and made sure to followthrough with the workmen. I feel many designers can find what you need and bring it to you-the thing I really like about Maura is her followthrough. She comes and checks on the workmen if you have a issue she is right there. She sees the project through to the end. I find many designers find what you need, find the workmen and then just leave them to install and finish and often the job is not done correctly and the designer who started is nowhere to e found. Mauras professionalism and work ethic are excellent. I would highly recommend her.Also, she completed several projects for us we stared working with her maybe 15 years ago-so various projects with varying cost-mostly high end.
– D. & K. L., Highland Park